private placement program, finance, bank instruments, bank guarantee, investment, trading
private placement program, finance, bank instruments, bank guarantee, investment, trading financing, finanzierung, hoch finanz produkte, financial market, stock market Finance
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Private placement program

We as Rubin Holding on Capital Investment, Management, Trade & Development serve High Net Worth Individuals & Private Investors, Executives & Managers, Institutional Investors, Company & Project Owners, and Foundation & Funding Groups who are utilizing our global banking expertise for Investment & Loan Funding, Project Finance and individual Investments in direct cooperation with European prime banks and World prime Banks.

We are Facilitators of Investment, Finance and Trading Programs in direct Cooperation with AAA - rated European Prime Banks, Placement Program Managers and Providers within the international banking system. Banking Contracts are provided to High Net Worth Clients, whose investments are under their own account name, guaranteed, insured and safely guarded and always under their control during the period contracted.

We are providing World Capital Market & Financial Management Research, Capital Market Services as part of Political & Economic Risk Management, Financial Markets Research on Instruments and Institutions, International Capital Movement and Monetary Cooperation, evaluating Economic Performance & Investment Potential towards competitive and yielding Placements on World Capital Markets.

Our services incorporate Investment Banking, Private Banking, Personal Banking & Wealth Management, Asset & Financial Management, Investment Funding, Project Finance & Loan Funding through the Facilitation of Specialist Banking Contracts for entering the bank secured Investment Programs conducted by European Prime Banks or Money Center Banks ,we close Cooperation with Placement Program Managers and Providers

- To provide guidance and assistance to principals as private clients and high-net-worth individuals, corporations & institutional investors, banks & funding groups, trusts & foundations, executives & managers, and entrepreneurs through professional excellence according to international banking standards.

- To explore innovative financial solutions and facilitate global investment potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement by providing global reach and connectivity between capital markets and knowledge driven Investors profiteering from yielding investments.

We are Facilitators of bank secured Private Placements and Investment Programs in direct cooperation with Prime banks, Placement Program Managers, Providers and Traders, and Insurances. Banking Contracts are provided to High Net Worth Clients, whose investments are under their own account name, guaranteed, insured and safe guarded and always under their control during the period contracted.

Our Specialist Banking Services include:

Investment Banking & Wealth Management; Private & Personal Banking; Investment Funding & Credit Enhancement Programs; Capital Investment & Asset Management Programs; Private Placement Programs (cash deposit or collaterals); Money Management & Trading; Financial Instruments & Transactions; Currency Transactions; Fund Management;

The Investment Programs with the interbank market are tergeting not only yielding investments, also the financing of projects owned by the principal.


Investment Program Contracts are directly signed between the principal / investor and the prime bank / trader for the placement of funds into the investment program. The contract period is in general one year – if not special programs - based on 40 weeks trading per year; returns are guaranteed by the contract and are variable with every program, also depending on the investment sum.

Generally, funds should be cash deposited on principal's account (minimum A+ prime bank), clean and clear, unencumbered and free of any liens; the funds stay in principal's account as blocked or reserved funds in his bank and no transfer is necessary as long as the bank enables screening (bank-to-bank basis); with principal's deposit, only prime banks in Western Europe and United States are acceptable; banks in Asia only with exceptional rating (Honkong, Singapore) and affiliated / correspondence bank in Western Europe;

Besides cash deposited funds, also Bank Guarantees (formats ICC487/500 or ICC600), financial instruments and other commercial papers originating from prime banks (screenable by Euroclear) can be utilised as well for the investment programs;


1. Letter of Intent (LOI) from the principal;

2. Proof of Fund (POF) preferably from a western prime bank (rated min. A+) as Statement of account on bank noted paper (not older then 3 banking days) from principal's bank bearing its coordinates, names and signatures of two bank officers and its original bank seal;
or Copy of Instrument, bank verification of the Bank Guarantee (formats ICC487/500 or ICC600), financial instrument or other commercial paper utilized for entering the program;

3. Client Information Sheet (CIS)***

4. Colored passport copy of the principal (PP): JPEG file, 8 ½ x 11, signatory page and photo on one sheet;

5. Proof of full Authority: companies / organizations / institutions require Corporate Resolution / Board Resolution*** and Profile, Power of Attorney (POA);

6. Confirmation of Non Solicitation (NS)

7. Affidavit – Derivation of Funds

8. Letter of Authorization to Verify and Authenticate***

9. Letter of Request for Service***

* Market related and operational changes in Terms & Conditions may occur and will be noted here accordingly; the requirements and returns need to be reconfirmed with the bank and provider as above figures are only intending to give an orientation. Visit our "Terms & Conditions" frequently, so you receive updates and new proposals on special programs coming in.

** As we are working only with the principal, the documentation is to send to us directly from the investor / owner of the funds to be invested; after having received qualified documentation, further instructions will follow. For your own briefing for composing the required documentation, please visit DOCUMENTATION - SPECIMEN & FORMAT, the link below.

***These Specimen will be sent by email to cope with the standards and requirements of the bank.

Qualified applications can be processed any time in due course of action according to banking rules and regulations without particular dates or other time limits. That assures you a safe administrative and operational process of program implementation. The documentation has to be fully in place, otherwise the application cannot be considered and forwarded to the bank.

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